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Providing pro-active, practical and ethical neuro rehabilitation consultation services to clients facilitating achievement of maximum medical recovery and quality of life

Team Testimonials

At Jusdanis Neuro Rehabilitation Consultants Inc. we foster a multi-discplinary rehabilitation care approach to treating our clients. In so doing, we have the great privilege of working closely with many dedicated clinicians along with other professionals who make up the greater rehabilitation service team. Many of these highly skilled professionals have taken the time to acknowledge our efforts as rehabilitation case management consultants. We are humbled by their recognition. The following testimonials are but a sampling of what other professionals have been saying about us.

"Hi Mary.

What a great team you have. Right from the start, when I got back from the hospital, all of you were ready and helped me to get back to life.

Mary, your amazing support and dedication; we ( I said we, because in the accident the whole family suffered) could see and feel it every day. After my brain injury, I could barely comprehend the very confused forms; thank you for your help for explaining and push through the whole procedure.
Fantastic work with your physio therapist. Chris did amazing job, considered my pelvis was open book broken, all the ribs fractured, hands broken and fixed with metal plates and other screws and hardware. Great work with Rachelle, the speech therapist. Big help for my cognitive tiredness. Social worker Mario, provided really great support for my wife and me, seeing that we both, me and my wife, love each other but both have had been in a serious mental depression.
Great work with OT Lisa. Her ideas and encouragement to get me back into the real world is priceless. Another great experience with RT Alaina. Daily exercise, walking, talking, meditation. It got to the point that we started to treat her like a family member. Over 3 years of hard work, lots of support, advises. Of course, it was a team work, Mary your team work and my discipline equal to great result.
Once again, thank you for the 3 long years of support. We all meet in our lives for a reason. This reason was unfortunately a traumatic motor vehicle accident, but meeting you and your team was the best experience that could happen to anyone in such a life drama."

Krys Stramski
Brantford, Ontario

"Thank you Mary and the Jusdanis team for helping us on this long five year journey. We could not have done this without your help. From the day the lawyer sent your OT to see us in the hospital the team has been a ray of sunshine through the dark clouds. They supported not just K, but the whole family. They offered us solutions and navigated the system for us. They attended appointments and advocated for us. We would recommend you to anyone we know who finds themselves on a similar path.”
A JN Rehab Client

"To my OT, thank you for your hard working, helpful self, passion towards helping me through my road to recovery. My family and I really appreciate your drive, expertise, and being on the ball with every step of the way. My future is looking bright, and I would not have made it this far without your help! Thanks again to my OT, don’t ever change."
A JN Rehab Client

"Thanks for such a detailed report on M. - you did an excellent job, and have captured quite a few of our concerns with him and his behaviour we have seen since his accident."

Client was struck by a truck while riding a bicycle and was in hospital for 7months and then in acute rehab for 3 months with a severe acquired brain injury and multiple orthopedic injuries.
A JN Rehab Client

Hello Mary , I hope I find you well. Mary I got results from my bone scan & they show severe arthritis all over my body & also spinal cord injury with severe pain & persistent muscle spasms. I would like you to thank shauna for her great work in requesting these test for me, she is very good at what she does & knows about pain, ect. Finally I know what is wrong with me. For some reason I feel lots of relief just knowing what is so wrong with me. Hope your day goes well & thank you so much for believing me through out my ordeal.
A JN Rehab Client

Mary, I would like to express my greatest appreciation for all that you have done for me. I am very thankful for your quick responses, your personnel involvement with my care and the fantastic team you have put together, especially Rhoda my OT. She is such a lovely and compassionate person. I have a wonderful future ahead of me with my future wife and we are blessed. So again thank you for being such a big part of my rehabilitation.
A JN Rehab Client

Just wanted to say Thank You once again for everything you have done for me. I can't express in words how much it has mean't to me. You have been a gift from God & the Angels for me and I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for you.
A JN Rehab Client

Dear Mary, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you've done for me over the last 4 years. You've been there from the start when I was lying in the hospital bed not knowing what was going on with so many tubes coming out of my body. You were patient in explaining what happens to our brain when we have a brain injury. You explained it in words that I could understand and make sense of. Even though I haven't been able to return to my former job, you put together a most wonderful team to help me with all the life changes that occurred after my serious car accident. You made me feel that I still had purpose in life. This has been so important to me as I felt I lost everything since having my brain injury. The brain injury has affected all my relationships even those closest to me. You provided my family with a competent and compassionate psychologist so we can get through this crises and remain a family. You've always been there attending all my medical appointments with me and explaining things I couldn't remember. I have always felt you were on my side and spoke up when I couldn't express myself as I wanted to. I wish for others that have suffered like I have to have the opportunity to have your as a case manager. Thank you, thank you.
A JN Rehab Client

We are always pleased to learn that Jusdanis Neuro Rehabilitation professionals are working with one of our clients. They are among the professionals we trust to focus on the needs of our clients and to advocate for the best possible care.
Roger G. Oatley
Oatley, Vigmond
Personal Injury Lawyers

Mary and her team at Jusdanis Neuro Rehabilitation Consultants provide excellent and quality services for those needing expert Case Management Services. Her ability to link clients with experts is remarkable. Working with JN Rehab equals success stories.
Jean Turgeon BSc, BHSc
Occupational Therapist

It is without hesitation that I am able to provide this letter of endorsement for Ms. Mary Jusdanis. I have known Ms. Jusdanis for approximately 10 years, have worked with her on many cases, and have a good appreciation of her knowledge, skill set and dedication.

I first met Ms. Jusdanis approximately 10 years ago. She contacted my office seeking opportunity to learn more about the evaluation and treatment of head injured patients and neurologic populations. At that time I was the Chief Psychologist at the Hamilton Health Sciences Centre, General Hospital. My primary activity was the evaluation of head injured individuals from a neuropsychological perspective. Having a strong interest in this area and population, Mary sought training through both exposure at a clinical level and formal course work to assist her in providing optimal case management for individuals who have suffered head trauma.

The rest, as they say, is history. Over the years I have provided neuropsychological consultation on numerous cases for Ms. Jusdanis. A consummate professional, I have always found Ms. Jusdanis to be highly dedicated to her work, committed to obtaining the optimal rehabilitation services for her clients and highly skilled at mediating and reconciling the sometimes difficult negotiations between the insurer and the insured. With changes in the insurance act in 1996, many rehab companies and organizations were unable to maintain viability. Only the best were left standing, Ms Jusdanis among them.

In my own dealing with Ms. Jusdanis, I have always found her to be highly competent, professional, conciliatory and very astute with respect to specific needs and pursuit of services for her clients. Dedicated both to advancing her own understanding as well as providing support and comfort for her clients, she frequently arranges and attends feedback sessions with her clients not only to maximize the utility of information provided therein, but also to facilitate communication between service providers.

While I am sure Ms Jusdanis has several filing cabinets full of letters of commendation such as this, I am hopeful there will be room for one more.
W.A. Fulton, Ph.D., C. Psych.,
Registered Psychologist
Consulting in Clinical Neuropsychology

I have been a personal injury lawyer for over 32 years. During this time I have done thousands of cases and have not come across a case manager better than Mary. She’s what the song says “simply the best”. What makes her “better that all the rest” is inter alia, dedication, commitment and integrity. These are powerful words in today’s society where haste, bottom lines and closed files are the buzzwords. She takes the time to care, does care and is caring no matter who has retained her services whether it be a plaintiff like myself or an insurance company. I like Mary as a person and would not hesitate to engage her services in any type of case. You are lucky to have her.
Jack S. Shinehoft
Specialist in Civil Litigation
Turkstra Mazza Shinehoft Mihailovick Associates

I am pleased to provide a letter of reference for Ms. Mary Jusdanis, whom I have known for over eight years. Ms. Jusdanis possesses extensive knowledge of traumatic injuries and their effects. Her advanced training in problems associated with traumatic brain injury is readily apparent in her management of these cases, many of which involve injuries of catastrophic proportions.

Ms. Jusdanis’ skill at assembling an effective team is evident in the client’s comfort with the individual providers and the progress that is made towards rehabilitative goals. She is highly attuned to potential problems in team functioning and takes immediate steps to maintain team solidarity and effectiveness when necessary. She is open to ideas and feedback from team members and promotes communication between providers and funding sources.

Ms. Jusdanis maintains contact with her clients and can therefore address their needs in a timely manner. Her well developed communication skills enable her to deal with adversity of clients, many of whom present with complex medical and behavioral issues. She deals with problems sensitively and expediently, quickly identifying the nature of the problem and the appropriate resource to deal with it. From comments offered by her clients, I know that she is regarded as a trusted and valuable resource who always acts in their best interest. She manages individual cases in such a way that recommendations are swiftly acted upon and their effectiveness is closely monitored.

On multi-disciplinary rehabilitation teams Ms. Jusdanis is considered a “team player”, promoting open communication of issues relevant to the client’s progress. She has superior ability to provide for a client’s many needs while remaining responsible in managing the costs associated with these.

Ms. Jusdanis is a highly valued member of the rehabilitation team whose leadership style is one of inclusion, empathy and responsibility. I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who requires case management services, regardless of the complexity of the rehabilitation file.
John F. Sullivan, M. A., C. Psych. Assoc., Consultant in Neuropsychology
Asst. Professor, Dep. of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neurosciences,
McMaster University

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