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Providing pro-active, practical and ethical neuro rehabilitation consultation services to clients facilitating achievement of maximum medical recovery and quality of life

About Us

About Our Company and How We Can Help

Jusdanis Neuro Rehabilitation Consultants is a client-focused company. Many of our clients have sustained injuries of catastrophic proportions, including acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputations and multiple trauma. Our consultants’ essential role is to provide expert rehabilitation management that supports optimal recovery and enhanced quality of life. We take ownership of our cases from day one, empowering our clients to achieve maximum wellness, independence and community re-integration.

Providing Consistent, Cohesive Rehabilitation Care

Over the years, we have cultivated trusting relationships with hundreds of community resource providers and health care professionals. Reassuringly, we expertly match the best qualified providers to the needs of each client. With superior project management skills, our consultants encourage consistent communication between the multi-disciplinary treatment team and client. This strategy of inclusion and sharing of pertinent information with the family physician, specialists and therapy providers helps foster an environment where cohesive treatment prevails.

Supporting Our Clients' Recovery Every Step of the Way

We are involved in every aspect our clients’ rehabilitation. Along the often long and emotional road to recovery, we maintain consistent contact with our clients and their clinical teams. This hands-on approach enhances our ability to provide for clients’ changing needs, to request further assessments and to make referrals in a timely fashion as necessary. We ensure that clients are properly cared for and kept informed, so that they may focus their energies on improving health and achieving rehabilitation goals. Always just a phone call away, we are ready to offer support and encouragement when needed.

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July 2007
We are always pleased to learn that Jusdanis Neuro Rehabilitation professionals are working with one of our clients. They are among the professionals we trust to focus on the needs of our clients and to advocate for the best possible care.
Roger G. Oatley
Oatley, Vigmond
Personal Injury Lawyers

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