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Providing pro-active, practical and ethical neuro rehabilitation consultation services to clients facilitating achievement of maximum medical recovery and quality of life

Casework Successes

Catastrophic Case Management

Our Rehabilitation Consultants specialize in the management of catastrophic cases as defined by the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule, (SABS). These case examples are representative of client scenarios we encounter on a regular basis. Corresponding testimonials highlight challenges confronted by our clients and illustrate, in the words of our clients and their families, how our Consultants play a vital role in the rehabilitation process. At the request of some clients, names have been abbreviated to protect privacy.

Catastrophic Injury Case Testimonials

1. Single Vehicle Accident Results in Young Man Sustaining Multiple Trauma

EB was on his way to see a friend after his shift was completed on a plumbing job. EB took great pride in plumbing and offered to work double shifts given his love for the job. En route to his destination he lost control of the vehicle which resulted in multiple injuries including a head injury along with:

  • Degloving nasal laceration
  • Multiple teeth evulsions
  • Left ulnar fracture
  • Right foot bone fractures
  • Left foot bone fractures
  • Left tympanic membrane rupture
  • Lower lip laceration
  • Rib fractures
  • Right acetabular fracture

Ambulance arrived at the scene and he was rushed to the ER at the Hamilton General Hospital. EB was in hospital for several weeks and subsequently discharged home to recuperate from his injuries. Jusdanis Neuro Rehabilitation Consultants Inc. was called to coordinate his care in the community.

Client Testimonial...

"Hello Mary, i find myself thinking about how i got where iam and it did not take to long to get the answers, everyone i speak to tells me that if it wernt for mary, god only knows where i would be. iam facing everyday alot of confussion as to who iam and where have i been, i read some of your file as to who you are and iam very lucky to have you as a case manger, i cannot thank you enough for being with me throughout this very hard time for me, i only remember little things over the past few years and somehow i know that there is someone looking after me, thanks now and forever."

"hello Mary, I hope you are well, I want to so much thank you and your wonderful team in witch you have put together for me. Its been three years now sense my accident in witch i suffered and still ongoing, from brain injury, physical, chronic pain, mentally and emotional along with many more, the way you present yourself Mary is very loving and caring. I truly believe that when god decided i would stay and recover, he sent you to me. i still have a lot of trouble remembering things that happened to me ever sense my accident, but i know mostly from my notes that i have and been very well taken care of by you and your team, you all have a very special way to make someone like me feel things will get better and not to get upset and always find the right people whenever i needed special help, witch is most of the time. you have and continue to make me feel a lot of hope. I can feel in my heart that there is a lot of people who you are working with that feels the same way I do, I feel very blessed to be you and your great team of loving caring people can not thank you enough for everyway you have handled and continue to handle all of my needs, Its because of you i wake up each day with great hope for a better life, THANK YOU MARY with all my heart for giving me such good hope. "

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2. Single Vehicle Accident Results in Young Man Sustaining Multiple Trauma Including Leg Amputation

This unfortunate young man was involved in a tragic single vehicle accident. Isaac was the front seat passenger, when the driver of the vehicle lost control and crashed into a pole. A three hour prolonged extraction ensued and Isaac was airlifted to St. Michael’s Hospital where he received emergency surgeries and care in the Neuro Trauma Unit. Isaac remained in ICU for 6 weeks. Isaac sustained the following injuries: multiple facial fractures, CSF leak resulting in removal of nectrotic brain tissue, brain contusions, left leg amputation, crush injuries to both legs, left elbow fracture, right femur fracture, fasciotomy-right leg, lung contusions, pneumothorax, pancreatic hemotoma and left inferior pubi rami fracture. Once stabilized, he was transferred to the Hamilton General Hospital for 4 weeks and then transferred to Chedoke Hospital’s Prosthetic and Orthotics Program for 5 weeks.

Often times, when tragedy devastates a family, the empathy, caring and compassion provided by the rehabilitation consultant is appreciated just as much as the Consultant’s expertise and knowledge. For Isaac and his family, Jusdanis Neuro Rehabilitation’s compassion and steadfast support, coupled with our case management expertise has made all the difference in the world to this family. Isaac’s rehabilitation progress has been steady as we continue to advocate on his behalf.

Client Testimonial...

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest thanks to Mary Jusdanis of Jusdanis Neuro Rehabilitation Consultants for taking charge of my brother’s care after his devastating motor vehicle accident. It is not every day that you meet a human being such as Mary, who can offer such compassion and strength.

Mary has been a great blessing to my brother and our family. She was there at a time of our greatest despair. My brother, Isaac, at age 19 lay helplessly in a hospital bed when Mary first met him. She returned to his bedside many, many more times, even during the Easter long weekend when we were certain that she had prior plans with her family for the weekend.

Even though Mary was a stranger to Isaac when he was in intensive care, he remembers her as being an approachable professional he could trust. Not only has Mary been a great and sensitive mentor for Isaac, she has also shown us her strong side in advocating assertively for his needs. She has given Isaac what we could only have hoped for in the beginning, the chance to have a speedy recovery and optimal care.

She has worked extremely hard on Isaac’s behalf, to get him what he needs to improve. She is an amazing lady and I know firsthand, that she will persevere on behalf of other clients, just as she has for Isaac.

Mary, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your expertise and beautiful personality have been a true blessing to us. Thank you for being there when we needed you the most. We thought we were losing our battle but you encouraged us to stay focused on Isaac’s recovery and progress. You obviously have great compassion to do the work that you do.


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3. Pedestrian Struck By Large Vehicle Sustains Catastrophic Brain Injury and Multiple Trauma

Like she had done on so many mornings before, Joyce was walking on her way to work at the bank where she has been employed for many years. On this particular day however, she was struck from behind by a large delivery truck. Joyce sustained a severe brain injury with documented GCS of 7/8. As a result of the accident, her cognitive abilities were significantly impaired and she sustained additional injuries including: numerous lacerations, whiplash and multiple soft tissue injuries.

With the guidance of Jusdanis Neuro Rehabilitation Consultants Inc., Joyce was able to transition smoothly from hospital, back to home and then eventually to work. With the support of qualified professionals who provided physical and emotional therapies she was assisted to achieve her rehabilitation goals and maximum recovery.

Client Testimonial...

I cannot even recall the accident. They tell me that I was hit from behind by a delivery truck while I was crossing the street at a cross-walk while on my way to work. I have only the faintest recollection of Hamilton General Hospital, where I spent the next week. My skull was fractured; I had a concussion and whiplash, two nasty black eyes and various cuts and bruises.

By the time I was discharged, my ability to remember anything was still pretty iffy. I could hardly walk at all, I was in a complete daze and barely functional.

However, within days of getting home, Mary Jusdanis visited for the first time. We had no idea exactly what our insurance company would be doing in our circumstances, but Mary explained everything and what her role was.

As the months went by, with all of the therapy and rehabilitation, Mary was a rock. She took care of everything from helping me replace damaged clothing, to arranging for ergonomic furniture for my work, to meeting with my employers and to running interference with my various doctors as the need arose. She took complete charge of the entire recovery. Even in my darkest days, and there were a few, she was always there to provide comfort and reassurance.

One of the most notable occurrences was the point at which I had returned to work for the first time, and I could not cope under the stress, yet my doctors were telling me that I was ok to work. Mary then arranged for more in-depth testing with one of the top neuro psychologists in Ontario. He conducted much more thorough testing than had been done previously. He was able to determine the cause of my inability to cope and the matter was resolved favorably. I simply have no idea how we would have managed without Mary’s guidance throughout this ordeal.

Mary’s dedication and expertise in this field and her kind and caring support are amazing, and I wish her every possible success in her career and life.

B. Joyce Step

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4. Engineer Sustains Significant Brain Injury in Motor Vehicle Accident

Shortly after his motor vehicle accident, the Ambulance call report indicated that Phan, a professional engineer, was initially confused but regained normal orientation en route to hospital. Records confirmed that Phan sustained a significant brain injury with a left epidural hematoma, a posterior temporal lobe contusion on the left with surrounding edema and mild mid-line shift to the right. After 9 days at the Hamilton General Hospital a functional review confirmed that despite good ‘physical’ recovery, he was demonstrating significant cognitive impairment which would require treatment. Jusdanis Neuro Rehabilitation Consultants case managed the multi-disciplinary care of Phan which resulted in significant improvement allowing him to return to work initially part-time and within seven months he was working full-time.

Client Testimonial...

I had a car accident and resulting brain injury. I remained at the Hamilton General Hospital for nine days. Ms. Jusdanis has been managing my recovery activities since I was discharged. I started back to work as an engineer gradually three months post accident and I was able to work fulltime seven months post accident.

At the time of discharge, I was so weak I couldn’t lift a 20 lb bag. I had severe headaches, difficulties in listening, reading, speaking, in holding a conversation and memory problems. The Speech Therapist, Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist that Ms. Jusdanis arranged for me all offered much expertise and helped greatly in my recovery. They helped me get stronger, provided me with methods for recovery and very useful strategies for daily life and work.

As I was told, the first two years post accident is very critical to recovery. Ms. Jusdanis did a great job. She has rich experience and draws from a wide network of injury recovery practitioners.

Phan L.

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5. Couple Sustain Complex, Multiple Traumas In Motor Vehicle Collision

Mr. and Mrs. L were traveling home on the highway from a Sunday afternoon family picnic when they were side swiped by a speeding driver causing their vehicle to lose control. The impact of the crash caused our clients’ car to roll, resulting in devastating, complex injuries to the couple. The pregnant female endured the loss of her baby at 34 weeks. She sustained a moderate brain injury with anoxic episode along with multiple limb fractures. The male sustained a severe brain injury with a GCS of 7 and was in a coma for 1 week. He also sustained a multitude of neurological injuries resulting in the loss of use of his non dominant arm. Jusdanis Neuro Rehabilitation’s long term commitment to the thorough management of this multi-faceted case resulted in successful rehabilitation of the clients.

Client Testimonial...

It has been our extremely good fortune to have Mary Jusdanis act as the Rehabilitation Coordinator for our very complex case.

Within days of our motor vehicle accident Mary Jusdanis met with us at our hospital bedside to begin planning and co-ordinating our rehabilitation. While we were in hospital, Ms Jusdanis met with our treating physicians to develop an understanding of our injuries and rehab requirements and began to organize a rehab team for our return home. By the time we returned home from the hospital, Ms. Jusdanis had arranged for an OT assessment of our home and all necessary structural modifications and apparatus were in place; as was 24 hour home support and in-home nursing.

Ms Jusdanis initiated an array of immediately necessary therapies such as occupational therapy, speech language therapy, physiotherapy, psychological counseling and cognitive remediation therapy. Initially, we were unable to leave our home, so Ms. Jusdanis arranged to have our treating professionals come to our home for therapy.

Throughout the course of our treatment and therapy, Ms Jusdanis has met with us at least on a monthly basis and was in regular communication with our physicians, surgeons and therapists in order to address any of the numerous new issues that would arise. In addition to our regular meetings, Ms Jusdanis was always instantly available for emergency situations and was quick to act to help resolve our difficulties. Her responsiveness and effectiveness have always been above and beyond expectations.

Ms. Jusdanis’ significant skills and experience allowed her to assemble the highest caliber rehabilitation team possible for our care. Her specific expertise in acquired brain injuries was critical in our rehabilitation and allowed her to detect problems and pursue treatment that otherwise may have been overlooked. Time and again, Ms. Jusdanis’ expertise and comprehensive understanding of our case led her to initiate assessments that resulted in new findings and allowed us to receive necessary treatment.

Ms. Jusdanis has skillfully managed our complex, multi-faceted rehabilitation with expertise, professionalism and compassion. She has played a critical role in every aspect of our long journey to recovery. Without her thorough work and dedication to our recovery, we would not have succeeded to the degree that we have. We are blessed and thankful to have had Ms. Jusdanis be a part of our lives and hope that she will continue her special work in the lives of others.

Mr. and Mrs. L.

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6. Severe Brain Injury Sustained By Young Woman Returning Home From Prom

Alex was returning home from the prom as the passenger in her boyfriend’s vehicle where speed played a major role in the resulting motor vehicle crash. Alex was found crushed under the dashboard and sustained a severe brain injury; GCS 3 at the scene and was in a coma for 3 weeks. Additional injuries included: left tibia/fibula fracture, left femur fracture and basal skull fracture with multiple cranial hemorrhages.

Mary Jusdanis took charge of this case, immediately relieving Alex’s family of the stress of coping with the many decisions that needed to be made regarding a brain injury victim’s care. Happily, with expert guidance and support, Alex was empowered with the tools, therapies and care she needed to achieve maximum rehabilitation recovery.

Client Testimonial...

This is a letter of recommendation – indeed a letter of deep appreciation for the work of Mary Jusdanis.

Our daughter Alex was involved in a serious car accident in which she sustained a severe brain injury along with multiple fractures. She was in a coma for almost three weeks and her future looked very dim.

Over the many long and difficult months which followed, Mary was like a guardian angel to us. She guided us through the confusing array of people and organizations with which we had to interact. She developed and implemented a plan for Alex’ recovery, she accessed resources, she set-up and chaired meetings and above all she gave us hope. She was responsible, diligent, attentive to detail and caring.

Alex’ brain injury was very serious. Shortly after the accident we were told by the hospital that Alex would probably be in diapers for the rest of her life and that the best that could be hoped for her mental recovery would be that she would be able to answer the phone and take a simple message.

Alex has infinitely surpassed these grim prognoses. She has a university degree, lives a normal life and is looking forward to a career.

The main point of my letter is this- we believe that Mary was the biggest single human factor in Alex’ recovery. She is a consummate professional and I would give her my highest possible recommendation.

Jim Ruddle

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7. Motor Cycle Crash Victim Sustains Significant Brain Injury and Multiple Trauma

Daniel, a 30 year old male, was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. He was traveling along the highway on his motorcycle at a speed between 60 – 80 km when he crashed into and rolled under a traveling minivan. Daniel suffered the following injuries: Significant brain Injury with documented GCS of 3; severe multiple trauma; significant deep lacerations to head and face; massive laceration/degloving of left anterior neck, left brachial plexus injury; left internal carotid artery laceration; three liters of blood loss at the scene; transection of the vagus nerve; vocal cord palsy; left tibia/fibula fracture; left third, four and fifth metacarpal fractures (non dominant hand); left fifth phalanx fracture; maxillofacial fracture to the mandibular and maxillary bone; teeth evulsions; teeth fractures; open right and left deep forearm lacerations; left lower leg wound; C5-C6 axonotmesis; C7-C9 neurotmesis; left peroneal nerve injury and partial splenectomy.

Daniel’s acute medical treatment began at Hamilton Health Sciences for a 2 weeks period which was followed by a transfer to the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute for 2 weeks, then a 6 month stay at a residential facility and lastly, 11 months at a transitional living facility. Jusdanis Neuro Rehabilitation Consultant, Mary Jusdanis, was able to assist this gentleman transition effectively between resource facilities that were best suited to his needs, Given the severity of his injuries his rehabilitation has progressed swiftly and he attributes his positive attitude and physical improvements to the comprehensive treatment and support he has received from Jusdanis Neuro Rehabilitation and his treating team.

Client Testimonial...

Mary Jusdanis became my case manager. She has helped me in so many ways including getting medical appointments lined up, to finding me an awesome physiotherapist and other specialists in the Hamilton area.

I was living out in the country before without much support, if any at all. I now live in a rehab facility and am getting daily support which is allowing me to move forward in leaps and bounds. I am extremely excited and honored to have the opportunity to work with such a forward thinking and thoughtful person such as Mary.

In short, I truly wouldn’t know where I would be, or how far I would have come if it weren’t for her knowledge and connections.

Daniel Bax

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