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Neuro Rehabilitation Case Management Expertise
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Providing pro-active, practical and ethical neuro rehabilitation consultation services to clients facilitating achievement of maximum medical recovery and quality of life

Neuro Rehabilitation Expertise

Thorough Initial Evaluation

Typically, a thorough initial client evaluation is conducted at the point of hospital or rehabilitation facility discharge. Our evaluation entails a careful review of medical and other key records, facilitating the determination of clinically indicated services. Our consultants use these findings to proceed with discharge planning and implementation of treatment plans that promote seamless care from acute care facility, to home and beyond.

Expert Catastrophic Case Management from a Multi-Disciplinary Perspective

Part of what makes Jusdanis Neuro Rehabilitation Consultants Inc. unique is our multi-disciplinary approach to catastrophic case management. We collaborate with client treatment teams to develop rehabilitation plans that address the physical, functional, psychological, cognitive and medical well being of our clients. It has been our consistent experience that treating clients in this comprehensive, multi-disciplinary manner yields maximum and lasting rehabilitation outcomes.

Comprehensive and Timely Reporting

Similarly, it follows that our reporting is more comprehensive than most because we seek significant client information, communicate more regularly with clients’ physicians and therapists and obtain specialists’ consultation notes to support our rehabilitation planning. Our attention to detail is uncompromising and our timely monthly reports to legal counsel, insurers and rehabilitation members comprehensively, yet concisely documents client progress, changing needs and recommendations.

Medical/Legal Expertise

Acquired Brain Injury Acquired Brain Injury Spinal Cord Injury Spinal Cord Injury Quadriplegia Quadriplegia
Paraplegia Paraplegia Multiple Trauma Multiple Trauma Orthopedic Injury Orthopedic Injury
Amputation Amputation Psychiatric, dual diagnosis Psychiatric, dual diagnosis Discharge Planning Discharge Planning

Mary Jusdanis of Jusdanis Neuro Rehabilitation - Lecturing at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario
Mary Jusdanis (far right) - guest lecturing at the Master of Science Occupational Therapy Program, McMaster University in Hamilton, ON

hello mary, i find myself thinking about how i got where iam and it did not take to long to get the answers, everyone i speak to tells me that if it wernt for mary, god only knows where i would be. iam facing everyday alot of confussion as to who iam and where have i been, i read some of your file as to who you are and iam very lucky to have you as a case manger, i cannot thank you enough for being with me throughout this very hard time for me, i only remember little things over the past few years and somehow i know that there is someone looking after me, thanks now and forever.


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Within days of our motor vehicle accident in August 1998, Ms Jusdanis met with us at our hospital bedside to begin planning and co-ordinating our rehabilitation... Without her thorough work and dedication to our recovery, we would not have succeeded to the degree that we have ...

Mr. and Mrs. L.

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